Download All firmware iPhone 4

iPhone 4 (CDMA)

iPhone 4 (GSM)

iPhone 4 (GSM 2012)


  • 34 Responses to Download All firmware iPhone 4

    1. emad says:

      thank you

    2. Fernando says:

      Que bueno es

    3. tammy says:


    4. john says:


    5. arnulfo says:

      this is just not working out. y’all need to give instructions to people who aren’t familiar with this. how does this even work?HEELLPPP!!! I AM DESPERATE !!!!! PPLLLEEEAASSSEEEEE

    6. xFsG says:

      Thanks <3

    7. fse says:

      now that you finish downloading how do you put it in ur iphone

    8. Avimarsha says:

      Thank you

    9. Hamza says:

      Hello Thanks But How Do I Unlock My Apple Iphone 4. Please Can Some Give Me Instructions On How To Unlock. Please And Thank You

    10. matteo says:


    11. Salvador rodriguez says:

      Hello everyone!! ? Is the I have this iPhone 4 and I been upgrade manual all the software in my phone and I dnt knw what I need to finish all the jailbreak can someone help me here I’m a newbie and all this, I will appreciate if I. An get some advice what I can do?

    12. Lenbert says:

      thanks for your kindness helping out people on apple.

    13. mohammed says:

      thank you

    14. mahmoud says:


    15. Anonymus says:

      Can I do

    16. mindy says:


    17. Musadas says:

      Guys who doesn’t know what to do with this follow my instructions please!

      **you can just press on restore if your willing to restore your Iphone and also ipod touch or Ipad!..

      **and For the people who are stuck and need help.. I’ll tell you what to do!
      First download the file with the same IOS as your Iphone EX: My Iphone is 4.1 ,I go and download the 4.1 thing at the top of this page! Second.. After it’s finished ,you open up Itunes and ((press and hold shift then press on Restore a window will pop up then.. after that choose the File that you just download it!

      And that’s all guys if you rly need anything just visit my Facebook page and tell me what you want! :)
      Anytime,,,anywhere,,,anybody xP … :D

    18. mehahahahaha says:

      is this going to wipe all the stuff from my phone?

    19. Ghufran says:

      Download fail ” safari can not download this file”

    20. admin says:


    21. Malathesha says:

      hey i have iphone 4 with firmware version 4.3.3 and baseband 4.10.01 can i unlock this phone…?

    22. wilmer says:

      hi guyss i try to download but it’s tell me than my saferi can’t download this file ‘ that any one know what do i sould do //. thanks go bless u

    23. eden says:

      i forgot my password if i restore it will it lock to an amarica sim card? plzzzzz help

    24. Jacopo says:

      I like this

    25. kum says:


    26. Tim says:

      Do you have it for the new update

    27. TINA says:

      I need help not that good at this stuff ..but i have the iphone 4 version 4.1 and want to download the new ios 4 stuff to my phone, ive got itune 10.5 installed but can not figure out how to download the ios stuff …please help me ..i need a walk by walk deal lol

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