Download all firmware iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS

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  1. Long Tran says:


  2. La says:


  3. vuong says:


  4. henry says:


  5. Mr Thanh says:


  6. jack says:

    Thanks a million

  7. waleed says:


  8. Lay says:

    Would the 3gs download will fix my tethering issue? (reconnecting to blackra1n)

  9. sss says:


  10. Tanvir says:

    I have Iphoen 3GS – 3.1.2
    I want to unlock the phone and use it in middle east region
    I have downloaded iPhone 3G S (3.1.2/7D11), but there is no blackra1n exe file
    please advise

  11. SHAWN says:


  12. admin says:

    I repeat here are only the original firmware. Download blackra1n download here

  13. mimo says:

    hello where is 3.1.3 my iphone is 3gs MC model so can use this? where can i find thanks admin.

  14. James says:

    once u download this wat do u do with it?

  15. cani says:


  16. veds says:

    could someone tell me how to unlock iphone 3gs 3.1.3..for free…its the newest version and the information on dis website doesnt seem to be helping me at all..pls help

  17. GeoSAT says:

    I get an error when trying to downgrade from 3.1.3 to 3.1.2 it says that This device isn’t eligible for the request build.

  18. Dazie says:

    i had initially jailbreaked my phone… but yesterday i upgrade it to 3.1.3 so it locked up again i am unable to unlocke it!! i need help and how do i downgrade it back to its original setting of 3.1.2?

  19. Rory says:

    I had my 3gs unlocked using blackrain 3.1.2 but now it has frozen and blackrain won’t unlock it, when i try to restore to 3.1.2 it comes up with the error on itunes when it goes to authenticate it……… do i restgore my phone now or is it fooked??? Please help

  20. daniel says:

    Which one of thse programes should i install in my iphone 3gs?
    i wanted to downgrade my iphone from 3.1.3 to 3.1.2 but couldnt… i got massage.. the package isnot eligible or somethng like tha..

  21. carlos says:

    this software is very nice

  22. David says:

    Hi, i have an iphone 3gs 3.1.3, MB model and firmware 05.12.01 is it possible to jailbreak this one?

  23. Edgar says:

    I got stuck with an apple logo on my screen and finally made a restore with itunes. Now I have a “connect-to-itunes” in the screen and in the itunes recieve a message that the SIM is not supported.
    The iphone was previously unlocked and jailbroken with blackra1n. What can I do?

  24. irany says:

    how do I know what softwear for my i phone?

  25. allami says:

    thankssssss ya flower

  26. libi says:

    i have iphone 3gs 3.1.3 MB model and firmware 05.12.01 is it possible to unlock it.
    Thanks Admin

  27. shahram says:

    I have Iphone version 4.o can I instal Jailbreak in there please help me if you can?

  28. Ethan says:

    I’ve been trying to jailbreak a friends iPhone for him and when I downgrade I get a message saying that the firmware is not eligible please help admin,

  29. kam says:

    hi i jus download 3.1.2 firmwera for my iphone 3gs. could u help me how i can restore my phone wiv this download.

  30. bernardo says:

    how can i jail break and unlock iphone 3g 16gb on os 4.0 i’ve tried blackra1n and it keeps giving me a asl.dll thats missing how do i get the asl.dll and jail break my iphone?can you please help thanks for your time and effort amin.

  31. KuBi says:


  32. Tom says:

    i need to unlock my iphone 3gs 3.1.2 7d11. im doing this so i can use a different sim card overseas. what do i need to do? can anyone help me?

  33. jean says:

    are to unlock iphone 3gs

  34. ANGEL says:

    muchas thanks

  35. arab says:

    thainks for all de halppp

  36. jigo says:

    thanks for all de happy

  37. Sultan says:

    its not working
    I get Error 3194

  38. Derrick says:

    Ahh…I have a little crazy and stupid question?
    Can I ask Does it really work with that blackra1n software or that systems…because I really not dare to try that to unlock my iphone when my iphone is lock….
    Can some body give me more sugguestion or more ideas please please people….thanks very much….
    If you guy and any idea plz email to me…thanks
    my email:

  39. omar sulaiman says:

    i have iphone 3gs vergin:4.0.1 and this virgin is not available her please advice me if there is any update for the blackra1n.
    with best regards

  40. MARCUS SPENCER says:


  41. pstenos says:


  42. Keith prince says:


  43. hasan says:

    اريد تعريف جاهزي ايفون ضهرة علية الارقام الهاتف فقط والمواضيع والارقام الهاتف لم تضهر ارجوا المساعده

  44. samora says:

    thanks alot

  45. Tamraiz says:

    notin ever works for me can some one help cause my iphone3gs is in recovery mode and says it needs some original sim so can some one plz help me

  46. Depiter says:

    Tamraiz, just install tiny umbrella. In the main menu page in the general tab you will find a button that says exit recovery. Just click it and you will be out of recovery mode.

  47. Beertjie says:


  48. Hey there thank you

  49. riggy says:

    how do i make blackra1n work when asl.dll is missing from my computer ?

  50. JasonDrulo says:

    these are nice to have but does this web site show hot to jailbreak stuff? Not just unlock?

  51. JasonDrulo66666667231 says:


  52. omar says:

    thank u verey mach

  53. omar says:




  56. boy says:

    how do i make blackra1n work when asl.dll is missing from my pc

  57. fahd says:


  58. Ray says:

    need help jailbroke my iphone 3gs and after a couple apps i removed restarted it and wont start up … Help

  59. narinder says:

    i want download blackra1n.exe .but its not downloading.

  60. narinder says:

    not downloading <blackra1n.exe<

  61. narinder says:

    my iphone 3gs 4.2.1(8c148a) and i want download blackra1n exe but its not downloading.

  62. Harman says:

    If blackra1n doesnt work saying asl.dll error
    den Open my comp-C drive-Program files-common files-apple-apple application support
    nd save the downloaded blackra1n software there
    nd it will work…

  63. khalid says:

    my iphone 3gs was in recover mod and i canot

  64. ariel sanchez says:

    how do i make blackra1n work when asl.dll is missing from my computer ?

  65. STUART TAVARES says:

    how do i make blackra1n work when asl.dll is missing from my computer ?

  66. martin says:

    can you do it for a 5.15.04?

  67. Anouar says:

    thank Harman, all who have the problem of .dll do what Harman said :-)

  68. James says:

    I have not updated firmware on my iPhone 3GS since 3.1.2. I downloaded the new “Rock” update today when my wifi was working (it usually doesn’t) and now I cannot access wifi or My3G. My email does not update and all apps requiring wifi or 3G immediately kick me out. I have my phone unlocked for Tmobile and my text messaging and phone abilities still work but nothing else does. Any advice would be appreciated.

  69. tronics says:

    a question
    mi iphone 3Gs was unlocked w/ ipad`s sideband -can i downgrade to 4.3.1? my firmware actual is 4.0.1

  70. brick says:

    si este programa realmente funciona les estare realmente agradecido

  71. Rod Newlyn says:

    Thanks a lot!!

  72. swallow says:

    just loaded blackra1n and it just keeps getting stuck in reboot

  73. Shan says:

    How to unlock Firmware Version 05.16.02

  74. scooby says:

    I tried using blackra1n but it its not jailbreaking my 2 3gs on 8gig phones with 4.2.1 and 4.3.3 on 16gig and it said it was done but does not install cydia

  75. ven says:

    i accidentally update my jailbroken iphone 3gs 4.0 with modem firmware 5.14.02, and now it does not turn on. what should i do??

  76. vls says:

    Hi, I’ve a 3gs iphone version 3.1.2 (7D11), i need to jailbreak it to update my software.

    Please let me know the procedure for the same.


  77. ali can says:

    thanks HARMAN … :))))

  78. shakeera says:

    iphone 3gs cydia size mismatch

  79. shakeera says:

    help me plz

  80. ben says:

    how do i jailbreak my iphone 3gs – 16gb version 4 3 3

  81. aymba says:

    i updated my iphone 3GS but its automaticly locked, so how i can unlocked freeee?

  82. aymba says:

    it was 3.0.1 to 4.3.5?

  83. chatter says:

    do you have to download all the above files
    and blackra1n file??
    and what files do you put into itunes folder??

  84. teo says:

    Hi, I’ve a 3gs iphone i just loaded blackra1n and it just keeps getting stuck in reboot

  85. udin says:

    how i want jailbreak my iphone 3gs..
    i dont understand..
    who can help explain at mee in malayu orn easy inglis if u can.

  86. cindy says:

    i dont know how to work blackrain and my phone says “connect to itunes” i dont know what to do can someone please help me

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