Download all firmware iPhone 3G

Rui says:

Hey guys, I would like to jailbreak & unlock my iphone 3G. Can you please help me to do it?
My iphone version is 4.2.1(8C148) and my modem firmware is 05.15.04.
Thanks I really appreciate it.

kc says:

i have an iphone that i just bought and it had alot of music and stuff on it so i restored it and now i cant do nothing with it. it keeps telling me to plug it into itunes and when i do i do the restoe thing then it comes up with error 1015 saying it cannot locate firmware or something like that you you can help plz do so

Fernando says:

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Courtnee says:

hey,how do you know which modem version your phone is?

iwant unlock ihone 3g

ginder says:

for iphone 3g

Miguel says:

hey andy i had the firmware 5.15.04 also and that CANT be unlock in order to unlock it you have to upgrade to 6.15 an IPad version. with that one you cant go back it stays permanent so if you want to take that risk its your choice. i did it and my iphone 3g is working like a charm. hope this helps

Record Label says:

Very satisfied with your piece, keep on writing.

eliseu` says:

4.3.3 ???

Octavio Riera says:

Gracias son muy amables, estoy descargando el programa y me comunico. Gracias

Bulldog says:

First of all, thanks very much for Black Ra1n. It allowed me to jailbreak my iPhone3 and use it while traveling abroad with a different SIM card. You provide individuals liberty in our society which becomes more and more restrictive.

I currently have OS 3.1.2 installed, and haven’t updated since. My carriers time restriction of 24 months has now expired, and I can officially have my iPhone unblocked by Apple.

Do you know if there will be any problems or conflict during the procedure due to Black Ra1n?
Will it be necessary to uninstall Black Ra1n beforehand and if so how?

Thanks very much!

Andy says:

Hey i want to jailbreak & unlock my iphone 3g. So please help me how to do it?
my iphone version is 4.2.1(8C148) and my modem firmware is 05.15.04

plz help guys ASAP

i hope this works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rauny says:

hi, can i downgrade on FW 5.12.01(3.1.3) the ipsw file which is mentioned here,by mistake i upgraded it to 5.15.04..?

greg says:

how do i use this file ?

pp says:

hey when i try to start blackra1n I get the program can not start because ASL.dll not found the problem may fix by installing the program again.
what should i do please help

pp says:

Hey i want to jailbreak & unlock my iphone 3g. So please help me how to do it?
my iphone version is 4.2.1(8C148) and my modem firmware is 05.15.04

plz help guys ASAP

Charley Fletcher says:

I would like to jailbreak an iphone 3, But i dont know which one it is exactly. 3g or 3gs. Also I am having trouble downloading the firmware version. If you could let me know which content to download, and how to do it step by step i would much appreciate it. Please email me and let me know. Thanks.

Lenbert says:

thanks a lot


my i phone is stuck in restore mode and ive tried everything

Dylan says:

How do i get my iphone jailbroken with 4.2.1 software?

tiffanie says:

ok so i acdentally upgraded to 4.2.1 and i want to downgrade i have tried almost everything and nothing is helping all i wanted to do was get back to 3.1.3 and jail break it hellp me thanks

Alec says:

How do i find out what my iphone is..
(like 3G 4G, 3GS ect,)


hey dear ..
Admin i was update his i phone 3g through to new i tune10.0.
before i phone usage the old version,,,
i update i tune .but now give me a error .
sim card inserted in this i phone but does not appear to be supported.

Alberto says:

Hey folks…. I am trying to unlock my iphone 3G 4.1 but cant find the firmware to use in the process, I downloaded the firmware from this site but can seem to find the file after it downloads. Any ideas or suggestions?


Ram says:

Hi All,

I am having a problem that my iPhone when uses blackra1n,proceeds till “done, wait for reboot” and then would not reboot and shows me the GeosHot picture without rebooting..

Here is what I did :

1. I had a iPhone 3G ( v3.1.2 – Modem FW 05.11.07 )jailbroken with blackra1n, working for few weeks now and I have added a lot of applications installed. However I could not unlock my phone , tried using different ways – the blacksn0w etc etc.

2. I tried to Jailbrake using blackra1n everytime and when the iPhone was up, it would always work.

3. Today I tried to play with the firmware , downloaded the custom firmware from net with a lower firmware version and it broke in the process and did not continue to restore the firmware and iPhone loaded into iTunes screen.

4. I tried running blackra1n and it would come to the screen where the it would says its rebooting and would never reboot the phone and shows the GeosHot picture and I tried several times and still shows the samething.

Can someone help please??

Hasan says:

help me for my iphone 3g 4.1 if u have it at

haziel says:

yo u so amazing u save my life thanx

do the downloads work. send me a email if the 3.1.3 works.

Michael says:

hi their i have a iphone 3g n it was jailbroken intill now it want let me get thru nothn n im on 4.0.2 n i wana down grade bt it wont let me

eias gere says:

if it workes i be glad to say some

rob says:

can any one help i found an iphone 3g i put a 3sim in it says no service
how can i get it working

skhwaja says:

Please help me I have iphone 3g 8G (3.1.3) JB by Spirit. My Cydia was crush and I do not have SSH installed on to go through command line. I read somewhere by downgrading and JB I can install Cydia again. I down load FW 3.1.2. And trying to downgrade by press Shift and Restore at the end I got error 1015 and its hang at Recovery Mode since its showing on screen USB port. Now I do not know the FW is 3.1.3 or 3.1.2 and how to restore it to work please help.

I-killer22 says:

i have changed my 3g lcd but now it has stopped working pls help.

Suleyman says:

Thank u so much more

juju says:

can some one help me i found a iphone 3g and when i put a sim card in it it says no service???

Mr Coqui says:

I have a 3G with 3.1.3 version. Every time I try to use blackra1n I got this message: “This application has failed to start because ASL.dll was not found. Re-Installing the application may fix this problem”
How can I unlock the phone?. I will appreciate your help

James says:

If anybody could tell me what i need to do for my phone to do the jail break please email me. i have a 3g that is not jailbroke and on OS 4.0. thank you


I am having issues with my handset. Its is unlocked already, but still will not make calls, though all other icon works. So I am looking for assistance to troubleshoot. Will appreciate if this solves the issues I am having


I am just looking to see if this works

yaseen says:

hi i have already blackra1n in my mobile how its works

Cory says:

I downloaded it and clicked make it rain and then it said that it couldnt download because of the ASl.dll? or somthing among that. I need help on how to do this please e-mail me telling how.

sam says:

Do i need to download all of these downloads? my iphone is version 3.1.3 (7E18?

some1 says:

how do i jailbrake my iphone i have 3.1.3 on it

Nailz says:

Do you have to download all thses files or just the correct operating system?

Luis Reséndiz says:

Hey Terry, i got the same error, did you find out how to get over it?


Michael says:

Hi, i want to unlock my 3G iphone 3.1.3, but i still don’t get it, can you email me the step by step explanation to unlock 3.1.3, Thanks

NABI says:


TERRY says:

I need help wut do i download plz e mail me at im having big trouble with my last download it says im missing ASl.dll????? dont know what this is

kkt says:

after i download what do i do? and what if my itunes wont recognize that there my phone is plugged in?

someone! says:

wait what? i got adownload all this? what happened to the old fashion blackrain where i download just one program and install it on the iphone? or is this just like a list for diffrent i phones?! O.o help?!

shaz says:

is this how i can jailbreak my iphone 3g with os 3.1.3?

Nynke says:

I love your explanation! It’s very clear. Thanks!

Fonzie says:

I want to dowload blackra1n, but I cannot do it can you help me please my e-mail

Justin says:

Brilliant! Thanks for the enablement :)

admin says:

You are in the wrong section here to download firmware for iPhone and iPod Tocuh

Download Blackra1n goes here

Ben says:

Can’t get blackra1n to download to my phone. Help if u can

jack says:

y do u have to download so many files

jit says:

Download all firmware iPhone 3G

jack says:

Thanks a million