Download Blackra1n

Firmware 3.1.2 not 3.1.3 4.0 !
These are instructions on how to unlock the iPhone 3G and 3GS using BlackSn0w. To follow these instructions you must be on the 05.11.07 baseband and have already jailbroken.

download Blackra1n Windows

download Blackra1n MAc

Step By Step Blackra1n Mac

Step By Step Blackra1n Wndows


Frozz says:

You’re a genius..Thanks!

choupy says:

to fix my iphone 3G recovery 1015

Saqib Ali Khan says:

Limera1n / blackra1n or ultrasn0w ? which one is for 4.2.1
Carrier LAB 9.0?????????????

Musa says:

please can i jailbreak my ipod touch 3g ios 5.0.1 with blackra1n please??? B.cos i try many of this jailbreaking software but none of the have work out..So please i wanna know how to jailbreak my ipod touch 3g ios 5.0.1..healp!!! please???

r dog says:

I need help jailbreaking my ipod touch 1g

Cesar bob says:

Need help I really want it

jeffrey teves says:

i bought an ipod touch 4g 5.0.1 os help me how to properly jailbreak it

Zaheen says:

I got my 3g dead on 4.0.1 version
It has ended up with emergency calls

pls pls pls help me out of this

Jim says:

Please someone get me jail break I’m begging

jake says:

my heroes, been trying to sort this for days then found ur site and all done:-)

wael says:


Peter iliev says:

Can jailbreak my iPod from my iPod. I have a 3 g iPod with a 4.2.1 update.

fredbobson says:

to get out of recovery mode or DFU mode hold down lock andhome buttons until it reboots might work does for me :)
fred bobson

xana says:

Hi, i try to install the application of blackra1n and my computer says that i have to instal ASL.dlll what’s the meaning of this? please help me . i can turn on my iphone.

claudio says:

comprei um iphone de um de amigo mas ele esta desativado como posso ativa-lo ou desbloquea

Jimmy says:

Can I jailbreak my iPod 3rd gen with 4.1 firmware

AnhVu says:

I can’t exe due to asl.dll error comes out. later I downloaded and put in same folder

Linus says:

This is my first jailbreak. It took about 3 seconds to download. It is so incredibly simple a baby could jailbreak an iphone!

jovan says:

can you help me jailbreak my iphone please? its in very good condition…

Chr1s says:

ITouch 4.2.1?

Jean says:

How do I jailbreak my ipad2

Célia says:

J’ai un ifone3GS et depuis hier il est rester bloquer sur Itunes et je n’arrive pas a le débloqué quand je l’allume il me marque de le brancher sur l’ordinateur a Itunes . Et il reste toujours comme sa Comment faire pour le débloqué s’il vous plais?? =(

Koly Camara says:

J’ai bun iphone4 que j’ai achete en France avec Orange mais je constate que je ne peux pas l’utiliser avec d’autres operateurs, est- ce- que je peux utiliser blakra1n pour le debloquer
Koly Camara

Miguel says:

Can i download blackra1n to my iphone4 verizon

Lalo Mayorga says:

I have an iPhone 4 and it’s active with at&t but I want to jailbreak it I tried doing it threw cybia but it’s says that if my phone hasn’t been jailbreaked at all that I have to download blackra1n first can somebody tell me if it’s true or how can I download this app on my phone

MR777FUZZ says:

can i jailbreak my 4TH gen ipod verson 4.3.1

seeleo says:

dudes i has same problem as seth whats wrong how do i fix?????

Kemoo says:

Thang alot

Bo Riley says:

How to fix problem blackra1n,

Seth says:

I have and Ipod 1st gen and when it gets done going into safe mode it will not reboot. how do i make it reboot so Blackra1n will work?

David Potter says:

There seems to be more people having difficulty jailbreaking their phones than not.
major shite! I can’t get it work, even tough I’ve already jailbroken my phone. Is this a con job or what?

Imran says:

i try to download Blackra1n but it’s gives dll file problem is there any solution i got tired trying go out from this stuck mood i don’t know what to do is there any one to help me out from this problem please

Michael says:

download link for mac = the file link you requested is not valid

james says:

hey so how do i jail break an ipod touch 4

John Maldonado says:

Good app

ismail says:

blackerun downlud

masoud says:

hi:where I can download blackra1n 4.2.1 for free
please. thank you

Isa I Muhammad says:

My safari can not download 4share files
How can I jailbreak my iphone

callum says:

how do you download it ?

john nothing says:

how do i jail break it????? i checked utube but it was 2 confusing

bob says:

does it worl?

asdasdasd says:

Will this work on itouch 4g?

Joseph says:

i installed Blackra1n wen it was there a way i can update it to 4.0 through cydia

dan says:


LB P says:

To take it out of recovery mode use tinyumbrella

laisha says:

i like this

DEJUAN says:


peter k says:

can,t exe due to asl.dll error comes out. later I downloaded and put in same folder
now window error comesout.

jim says:

i bought an iphone4 from a friend, and now i want to update it to a latest firmware. but when i tried to restore and update it, my iphone4 stuck in recovery mode… how to get out of recovery mode? ive done a lot of things already but still no one works. it always show in my itunes error 1013. now i still cant use the iphone4. :(

ipo 4g says:

can i jailbreak my IPOD TOUCH 4GENERATION(4.1) with blackra1n .
please reply for this question or mail me

CHEMA says:


keith says:

how does one download the blackra1n jailbreak for 3.1.2. it always asks for a verification password. any help will do. my iphone was upgraded before the jailbreak was installed and now i cannot use another service provider. please help

Vito says:

That’s absolutely great!

dfunk says:

I have a 3GS phone on 4.0 iOS version
I tried jailbreak using blackrain and it entered recovery mode, please help.
itunes has found “a” iphone but when I try a restore it is downloading a 4.2 version for it.
Now nothing works on the please advise.

Amy says:

umm im trying to start up blackrain.exe but it says
“This application has failed to start because ASL.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem”
and i tryed re-installing but the same thing popped upp
“help please!

Tom says:

I wasn’t thinking and updated my iphone 4 to iOS 4.2.1

carely says:

how does this help me with taking my ipod touch 4g out of restoremode eveytime i restore it tells me itunes could restore the ipod “ipod” error (9) but i can’t do nothing with the ipod because it has the plug in to itunes picture

zac says:

i did everything downloaded blackrain put it in the file under th asl.dll and wen i try to open it it opens up as a freakin note pad wtf?

Courtney VandenBroek says:

I bought an iPod Touch a couple days ago and it’s 4.1 software version. When I was trying to download Blackra1n. The website I was directed to go to on my iPod told me I needed to downgrade to 4.0 or less. What do I do now?

ish says:

hey can we jailbreak ipod touch 1g firmware 3.1.3 with blackra1n…

eric says:

do it work on 4.0.2

Elver says:

does ti work on itunes 10 i guess not

Sleeper says:

Can’t install blackra1n. Error message – ASL.dll missing from your computer. Anyone know how to fix this problem?

PM says:

Dear Sir,
I tried to update my jailbroken iPhone 2G through iTunes and now iTunes keeps telling me that the SIM card is not the one provided by the carrier and the iPhone can only make emergency calls. I tried to restore it and then tried to use blackra1n but it’s still not working. Can you please help me!

Jayden says:

i put blackrain on my ipod and itunes made me restore my ipod and i did but after that nothing happened and my ipod was the same plz help :(

imad says:

hey evrybody
for all people on windows who have blackra1n problem with asl.dll
after downloading blackra1n you should copy it in
C:Program Files (x86)or(x64)Common FilesAppleApple Application Support
and thats is it work form there or if u want u can ceat a shortcut to disktop

foxlady says:

im umm essayant de démarrer blackrain.exe mais il est dit
“Cette application n’a pas pu démarrer car ASL.dll n’a pas été trouvé . Re -installation de cette application peut corriger ce problème ”
et j’ai essayé de réinstaller mais la même chose éclaté upp
” aider s’il vous plaît ! “

michael says:

and when i click on let it rain my screen just goes into the usb and itues then it moves to a black screen then just stays there it doesn’t go to the guy thing

michael says:

i got a ipod touch and it is already on 3.1.3 do i have to downgrade it for the blackra1n to work or can i use it with 3.1.3

tikeem says:

the best ever for a ipod

latisha says:

will this work if i updated my phone to the new 4.0.2 software eventhough i have a 3g

eddie1 says:

i got blackrain on my ipod but it rebooted and it wont turn on no more help plz!!!

bipin says:


Moe says:

If you are getting that error asl.dll all you have to do is move it to the apple aplication support folder under c:program filescommon filesappleapplication support

jojo says:

i need help lol

Aakash says:

i got a iPhone 3gs and i accidentally upgraded it to 4.0.2, now it asks for the original SIM to activate and i don’t have that .. so can u please help me to activate my phone without the original SIM card ..

Seth says:

Hey is there going to be a new jailbreak out for i phone 3gs 4.01 with blaaackra1n?

johnson says:

it say asl.dll is missing when i try to run blackra1n

Abdi says:

I dont know wich of the progames im gone dowlaod to…?
when i use the requered program, nothing happens!
please help me, here is my mail…

DAWSON says:


bashir says:

copy blackra1n to this location C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleApple Application Support and launch it from there it should work

Kyler Flake says:

I tried downloading it and it wont let me for windows. can you help?

Jordan says:

You probably get this alot, but when will blackra1n be working for ipod touch 2g with 4.0 firmware? thanks

Erik says:

works blackr1an on 4.0.1 ??? :)

Josh says:

hey does this work for ipod on 4.0 ?

slippy says:

umm im trying to start up blackrain.exe but it says
“This application has failed to start because ASL.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem”
and i tryed re-installing but the same thing popped upp
“help please!”

HM says:

Is there Blackra1n for iPhone 4?

jordan says:

doees this downlad suppport iphone 3gs with the 4.0 update?

CaltKevv says:

How can i fix the program from the “ASl.dll” is missing and “error”

Penbo says:


What does it mean if it comes up saying something about ‘ASL.dll’ missing?

if someone could explain in simple terms what this is and how I can go about jailbreaking my 3G on OS 3.1.2 it would be hugely apreciated ;-)

austin says:

can i jail break my ipodtouch 2 gen with 4.o firmware??????

Frank EntKay says:


Taylor says:

It said my ipod was jailbroken after using program but when i turned my ipod back on, it wasnt jailbroken.

john smith says:


alex says:

this so cool

hany says:


jacob escondo jr says:

they unlock my iphone in the philippines with blackra1n and im suffering a lot of problem. i cant open my iphone anymore. pls help me to open back to the normal version one. thanks..