Evasi0n7 Jailbreak: How To Fix iOS 7 Status Bar

The path to a jailbroken device has often proved to be full of hurdles and unforeseen obstacles. History has already shown us on more than one occasion that releasing a jailbreak can delight and infuriate users in equal measure, something that has once again been proven with the release of Evasi0n7.

A growing number of users have been reporting issues with a problematic status bar in IOS 7 immediately after the jailbreak.

It may not be the biggest issue to ever befall a liberated iOS device, but not having the content of the status bar turn white can be extremely annoying and can detract from the overall experience. Thankfully, there is a simple resolution to this issue that can be followed through below and comes in the form of a Cydia package installation.



Step 1: Launch the Cydia app and wait for packages to refresh. Navigate to the Manage tab from the bottom bar.

Step 2: Select Sources from the main interface.

Step 3: Select Edit and then Add from the top left hand corner of the navigation bar.

Step 4: In the resulting popup add the URL of the repository that hosts the package to fix the issue: http://repo.pnre.co.vu

Step 5: Select Add Source from the Cydia/APT URL alert and wait for the packages to refresh.

Step 6: Select the Search tab from bottom bar and search for StatusBarFix2. Install the package just like any standard Cydia tweak.



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