iPad 5 Conceptualized Again, Gets Compared To iPad mini, iPad 4 And iPhone 5 [IMAGES]

Speculations have already put the 5th iteration of the iPad at a rather smaller dimension in comparison to the current variants, albeit still larger than the iPad mini. Most notably, the renders indicate a much thinner bezel on the iPad 5 on the sides, while a thicker, although reduced, bezel on top and bottom of the device. The resultant is a rather decent sized tablet that is bound to get even more fans fall for it. Apple hasn’t been keen on changing the way its tablets looked until now, but it seems that if this render were to taken seriously, the fruit company has learnt a lesson or two.

This next is a side-by-side comparison of the dimensions for iPad 4, (proposed) iPad 5, and iPad mini. As you can see, the new render blends right in, and should be a good one to make real.


via MacRumors



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