GUIDE: How to prevent iTunes update your iPhone to 4.3 iOS

In this article we have warned all interested users to jailbreak your iPhone andall’Unlock, informing them that, currently, there are tools and programs that canperform these two operations on the new firmware 4.3. Therefore, for this type ofusers, it is very important not to upgrade software. To be sure to avoid any problem inthis way, you can follow this tutorial.

There are two steps: the first involves the installation of a tweak via Cydia, and therefore requires a jailbroken iPhone, the second, however, can be performed on the original terminals. Let’s see how to proceed. 

RecoveryGuard | Cydia

RecoveryGuard is a tweak that is able to prevent the entry iOS automatic device in Recovery Mode, thus avoiding accidental restore or upgrade the terminal. Todownload it you must add the following repo in Cydia:

Once installed RecoveryGuard, if we try to restore / upgrade your iPhone, iTunes, wenow return a message that will be indicated as the latest available version of thefirmware that was installed on our own devices. This tweak does not inhibit, however, entry into DFU Mode option that you can then use to restore your device when you need it. 

Uninstalling the RecoveryGuard instead will return to the normal behavior of iTunesin recovery mode and the input of the device.

Manual procedure
Here we have the manual procedure that acts directly on iTunes and can be followedby all users: 

Make sure you have iTunes installed 10.2 or 10.2.1;
Open the Terminal with iTunes closed and then type:
defaults write personalized / dev / null

If you decide you want to upgrade, you should follow these steps to undo the changeand restore normal functioning of iTunes:

Make sure you have iTunes installed 10.2 or 10.2.1;
Open the Terminal with iTunes closed and then type:
defaults delete personalized-installation-server-host

For maximum safety we recommend following both procedures.

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  1. Matthew says:

    It says “Unexpected argument dev; leaving defaults unchanged.” ?

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