Is it Possible to Unlock Verizon (CDMA) iPhone 4?

Verizon (CDMA) iPhone 4 has already been jailbroken on iOS 4.2.6 using GreenPois0n tool. What about unlock? Is it possible to unlock Verizon iPhone 4? Can we use Verizon iPhone 4 on Sprint network or on any other CDMA operator? Can Verizon iPhone 4 work on GSM networks as well like AT&T iPhone 4? Well, it’s hard to answer all of these questions. We’ll just discuss the options below.


Unlock iPhone  CDMA ?

Unlock Any iPhone CDMA 6 / 5s / 4S / 4

Can it work on GSM network?
The answer is “No”. Verizon iPhone 4 is powered by Qualcomm MDM6600 chip which supports both GSM and CDMA but Verizon iPhone will only work on CDMA only due to lack of SIM slot. Apple didn’t include SIM/GSM support.

Can it work on any CDMA network in US?

The answer to this question is “Yes” and “No”. Legally you can’t unlock CDMA iPhone 4 as it requires an “ESN/MEID” (Globally unique number identifying a CDMA mobile station equipment) from a donor phone in service and this is considered as a federal crime in US.

Let’s discuss the illegal options:

  1. Even if it’s unlocked, you will still need someone on Sprint network to activate it on their system which I can assure isn’t a piece of cake.
  2. Sprint offers the facility to upgrade to a free smartphone that supports 3G data. What you can do is that you take free phone’s ESN and put it in CDMA iPhone 4 by uncloking or any other means. This way when Sprint will activate that ESN, it won’t know it’s an iPhone 4, it will look like a Sprint smartphone on their side.

Can it work on any CDMA network outside US?

Well if it can work on any US CDMA carrier, it should be able to work on CDMA operators outside US as well. Having said that, it might not be that easy as there must be some adjustments that would be required on per carrier basis.


Unlock iPhone  CDMA ?

Unlock Any iPhone CDMA 6 / 5s / 5 / 4s / 4

60 Responses to Is it Possible to Unlock Verizon (CDMA) iPhone 4?

  1. droidly says:

    My iphone 4g at&t is jailbroken and unlocked but can I use it with verizon? I want to buy out of my at&t contract. thanks

  2. J says:

    Your AT&T phone is GSM and therefore unable to be used on Verizon’s CDMA network.

  3. iphone says:

    i have new iphone 4(verizon) and i want to use it on sprint network please help me with more details cause i read that top details but didnt help me lot so please tell me how to do and how to work thanks….

  4. E Mob says:

    I have an iPhone 4 with verizon. It’s not activated or nothing. I can’t get verizon because it cost to much. What should I do? Sale the phone or keep it and try to trade it for an AT&T iPhone 4. Can the AT&T iPhone 4 be unlocced for t mobile

  5. Henry says:

    This has been done, a Verizon iPhone 4 can now run Sprint instead with a simple unlock, check out

  6. Aaron says:

    Can someone please help ive looked everywhere and cant find any instructions. I bought my CDMA iPhone 4 about a week ago and i do not know how to activate on my Sprint account which im currently with using an HTC EVO (it sucks) is there anyway i can just activate the iPhone with sprint please let me know send me a link or any help would be greatly appreciated! My email is

  7. adam says:

    after jailbreaking an iphone yer warranty is gone, the way around this is to plug yer IPHONE into ITUNES and do a reset using ITUNES to bring it back to stock for repairs and warranty options..
    NOTE, U WILLL BRICK yer iphone if u choose to erase all data by the method of going through the setttings menu on the actual Iphone it self HTH!

    MY QUESTION; Can unlocking a VERIZON iphone allow you to use it on the T-Mobile netrok possible?
    No right? One is GSM (tmobile & att etc), the other (Verisn} is CDMA, meaning not compabible or doabken with thos networks!!!???

  8. Kevin says:

    Can the Verizon iPhone 4 (CDMA) be unlocced for t mobile?

  9. Kevin says:

    Can the Verizon iPhone 4 (CDMA) be unlocked for t mobile?

  10. JJ says:

    If your an area that offer Metropcs which is CDMA go with them.

  11. kevin says:

    I have verzion IPhone4. I want to use that phone in INDIA, can it is possible to use that Iphone in INDIA with indian celluar carrier.

  12. Slimphizzy says:

    I have an iphone4 by Verizon. Someone told me it can’t be used in Nigeria but I don’t understand why this is so. I have not been able to unlock it since I bought it five weeks ago. I’ll appreciate any useful hints on how to get it working in my country. Pls contact me on or +2348162766299.

  13. Ashish says:

    I have brought a Verizon CDMA iphone 4 from US & willing to get a ‘Reliance’ CDMA number for it here from India. They initially said it is possible with the help of MEID (Mobile Equipment Identifiers) number but then after one week, they said ‘NO, it needs the RSN number, which usually comes on the box’. I do not have the box now with me. Could anyone help how to get the RSN number from the phone? Please help otherwise I would not be able to use the phone here. Thanks

  14. John says:

    Can a Verizon I4 I phone be used in canada with Rogers, or Telus networks? do not know which system these companies use in Canada?

  15. Jake says:

    Ashish, I looked at the box of my Verizon iphone, and there is nothing like a RSN number on it. There is ESN, MEID and UPC – but no RSN. Not sure what your phone carrier is asking you for. Let us know if you have found a solution. Ebay India is selling CDMA iphones usable n Reliance, so there must be some way to activate them.

  16. gena says:

    I want to buy a Verizon iPhone 4 off eBay but it says its locked, does anyone know how to unlock them and if its easy to do? I don’t want to buy it if I can’t unlock it. Thanks. email me at

  17. Bahran says:

    Hi i bought a verizon iphone 4 on ebay but it is still active it has two bar at the top lefthand corner is their any way i can deactivate it
    Please reply ASAP

  18. Ray says:

    I have a Verizon iPhone 4 (ios 4.2.6) that I recently jailbroke……my question is as follows, “How do I unlock the phone and does unlocking it mean that I can use ‘Straight Talk’ from Walmart? Straight Talk uses both GSM and CDMA which should help if it can be done…….PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  19. paul mcfreen says:

    Hey everyone I have a verizon Iphone 32 gig 4 in perfect working condition with minor scratches the problem is i have att service so i cant unlock it i am willing to trade for a att iphone 4 contact me from email orr 7858065059

  20. ralfi says:

    hi i just bought me an verizon iphone 4 am really new at this can someone help me jailbreak it and unlock it?? dont really know what to do here i would really be thankful for ur help

  21. nik. says:

    I have an Iphone 4 that was on verizon and I need to know what I need to do to activate it on a sprint account will someone please help me??

  22. eesha says:

    @ashish – i also have a verizon iphone in india…pls let me know if you found a solution of your problem and help me too

  23. […] if not impossible to unlock a CDMA phone (including the Verizon iPhone) — and anyway, according to the Blackra1n blog, there’s little point to this since getting an unlocked CDMA phone activated on another […]

  24. j says:

    can someone help me> i bought the iphone 4 cdma and i want to change the carrier, can someone email instructions for this phone and the evo 3d as well i will greatly appreciated,

  25. Arjun says:


    I have also got iphone4 with Verizon, I have to use this in India, Plz let me know if you know anything about this.

    My mai:

    Many Thanks!!!

  26. Abhay says:

    Ashish/Eesha got any solution for verizon iphone4 in India..I am planning get one from US these days..

  27. kishor says:

    my i phone is in cdma now i want to make it in gsm verizon..can i change it ?

  28. Rajaram says:

    Hi ashish,i have a verizon iphone 4 and would like to use TATA CDMA network in India,,,i guess if i Jailbreak the phone and ask TATA people to change the chip (Unique Identifier ) into this mobile,it would be successful….HTH…..

  29. AMIT says:

    i ve iphone 4 cdma bought it from usa,now im in india its working on reliance cdma network,but unable to use cellular data,how it is possible

  30. Ankit says:

    m kinda screwed. wanted a GSM iPhone.
    ended up buying a CDMA.

    Apple iPhone 4 16GB white for sale
    verizon CDMA
    call: 770 309 2644

  31. HUZEIFAH says:

    @ashis & @eesha I have purchased verizon iphone frm e bay & activated it with reliance cdma within minutes. its working great.the RSN no which reliance guys r asking is actually MEID Number located in the seettings> general> about in ur iphone, try it, it will surely work.

  32. MUNCH says:

    1. AN&T and any phone that uses a SIM CARD = GSM.
    2. Sprint, Verizon phones NOT using SIM = CDMA.
    Two very different networks. Hope this helps.

  33. MUNCH says:

    oops AT&T lol

  34. Arnab says:

    Huzeifah did u jailbreak and unlock before you went to Reliance?

  35. Bhupesh Pant says:

    Hello Dear Friend!,

    I have iPhone4 CDMA working in verizon. I am leaving US and I would like to use my iPhone4 in India. Can this can be used in India CDMA provided network Reliance or TATA?

    I think I have to jailbreak it and do I have to unlock it as well? Can we do iPhone 4 jailbreak and unlock in India (Pune).

    Looking forward for your support and suggestion.

    Bhupesh Pant

  36. Dante says:

    OK The iPhone 4 is now for SPRINT so Can thee hackers PLEASE start trying to find a way to get iPHONE 4 Verizon on SPRINT. Its the same phone!! so why can’t i activate it on Sprints network now that they have it…. do they ship sprint iPhones with ESN instead of MEID or Something. Thanks.

  37. rachel says:

    i have a iphone 4 verizon and its unlocked what can i do to unlock it….btw the original owner is deployed….soooooo this is a big hassle for me….maybe i shudnt have bought this if u can help me email me at plz

  38. Sandra says:

    I have an unlocked cdma verizone iphone 4 and I want to use it on the UK, is it possible? how do I unlocked it? with what carrier? thanks!

  39. Job Lam says:

    Hi All, I am using an CDMA iPhone4 in China(China Telecom) since July 2011, the phone was programed for Verizon before. All other basic functions as the same as WCDMA iPhone4 except no facetime, cannot upgrade the iOS to latest version.

  40. Apoorve Vashistha says:

    hey !!! Any one wants to unlock their Verizon I PHONE 4G …. I can help u on that …… Call me on 09899515887

  41. bosco says:

    hi i bought a verizon iphone 4
    does anyone knows where i can unluck it n use it with metro pcs?

  42. Td says:

    My friend has a verizon iPhone 4 in perfect condition but never finished the contract so the phone sits around collecting dust, his line 400$ due on it still. But if I get it unlocked can I use it On sprint even though it has that money owed still??

  43. JOSEPH says:

    I just bought the iphone 4 for sprint and have a free and clear plan and wna activate it…. anyone know if i can get it some how activated on my line?

  44. joe! says:

    hellow everyone there is no unlocking on verizon iphone 4 but there is called flashing. Now, i am able to use my iphone at metro pcs but it has talk and text only still trying to figured out how to connect data and mms. I found out that there is a apn changer to make it works but still having hard time on it. Is there anyone here can help me about the data and sms programing? THanks!

  45. prince says:

    I have a verizon iphone4. Does anyone know how I can get it unlocked to use cricket or metropcs? If not can you tell me how it can be done? Please?! Thanks!

  46. prince says:

    I have a verizon iphone4. Does anyone know how I can get it unlocked to use cricket or metropcs? If not can you tell me how it can be done? Please?! Thanks! email me

  47. ashish tiwari says:

    i wnt to purchase iphone4s cdma frm us n iwant to use it with indian cellular services gsm is it possiable to do so,watng for rply

  48. ashish tiwari says:

    if there is any possiablity plzzzz suggest

  49. ashish tiwari says:

    rply me at

  50. mr.nazc says:

    i got iphone 4 verizon which is CDMA , and i want to change it with iphone 4 GSM model? anyone?

    > here my email address :

  51. Ruben says:

    Got a Verizon iPhone 4 with a factory reset… However, the previous owner’s number is still on the phone.. Anyway to modify that without going the a store retailer?!? Need help ASAP.. Thank you.

  52. Ruben says:

    Also…what program should I use if I want to jailbreak it?? Likewise if I want to unlock it???
    Help please!!

  53. Vishal says:

    if i buy iphone 4 for AT&T 2 years contract plan at $199from US .will i able to unlock & jailbreak it?????

  54. Stephanie says:

    AT&T iPhone 4 CAN be jailbroken and unlocked to work with another carrier as for the Verizon iPhone I don’t see how because it doesn’t even have a sim card slot as we know verizon doesn’t have sims.As far as sprint iPhone 4 if it was bought before nov 10th it can be unlocked anything after they locked the simcard meaning it can no longer be unlocked.

  55. tatiana says:

    I found a verizon iphone 4 and it was working fine when I found it, now it doesnt allow me to access anything… only emergency screen. How can I unlock/jailback it? Im not too familar with the process and how to do it. I just want to be able to connect it for myself… or get it working enough to sell it =]

  56. Carlos Carvajal says:

    hello friends i have an iphone 4 verizon and i live in Quito Ecuador… where can i buy a unlock to my iphone please

  57. Vic says:

    I found a Verizon Iphone 4, but I’m sure the MEID will be blacklisted soon….is there any legal way to go about making this phone functional?

  58. crista says:

    I have a I phone 4s for verizon but I cancelled my line I found out that my I phone has a sim card inside is there any way I can unlock it so I can use this I phone with t mobile?

  59. River says:

    I have an iPhone 4 CDMA from Verizon, but is not activated, my question is Can I changed to Crikiet instead..?

  60. Hailey says:

    I have an iphone 4s for verizon but it does not have a line on a plan. i just want to use the wifi on the phone but for some reason it says No WiFi in the settings. Any1 know how to get around this problem?

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