McAfee: Mac and iPhone to informatics security risk

McAfee has released its 2011 Threat Predictionoris a report compiled bycomputer security experts , whichforecasts more about the objectivestargeted by unscrupulous hackers . Will the smartphone devices suffer most pressing digital crime, followed by Apple’s devices, including Macand iPhone, but not yet courted by cybercriminals. The ubiquity of mobiledevices, equipped with defense systems rather vulnerable, making themattractive to carry out phishing attacks or to intercept calls and SMS.

The gadget made by the company Steve Jobs represents a highly risky.Not only their spread makes them attractive to thieves, but the lack ofcaution users mistakenly believe they are invulnerable to the threats of theWorld Wide Web makes it easy for each operation.

The software company acquired by Intel does not spare even the socialnetwork. Although the success of Facebook, Twitter and so reduced thetraffic, and then e-mail spam, increased transactions in breach of privacy,all addressed to the theft of sensitive information and data.

Strong support also gelocalizzazione numerous applications such asFacebook Places, and Foursquare Gowalla. Through a few clicks a cyber criminal has the ability to monitor the place where a person is, to discoverhis interests and the software used ..


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