iOS 4.3 MultiTouch Gestures (Video)

The introduction of the Multitasking function could lead Gestures
the elimination of the physical Home button on this iPhone and iPad.

Apple iOS 4.3 Beta 1 has brought the new feature of Multitasking Gestures.The first beta of the new firmware for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is only available to registered developers all’iOS Dev Center.
Multitasking Gestures at the moment is a feature reserved for the Apple tablet.

To switch between open applications you have four fingers on the screen to scroll iPad, to the right or left. To return to the Home, the newfeature involves the use of gesture Clamp 5 fingers: users must pluck all 5fingers on the display of the tablet. To access the taskbar, you have to scrollthe screen up with four fingers, and to close the tray app to repeat the same thing down.

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