Update error resolution with ASL.dll blackra1n

Some users have reported the occurrence of a particular error after
updating iTunes to version 9.1. More specifically, performing some
programs after updating iTunes to the latest version was
an error indicating a missing ASL.dll. This
problem, keeping in theme iPhone has plagued some users intent to
Blackra1n use to run the jailbreak your device.

The solution to this problem, as regards the implementation of Blackra1n is quite simple. It will simply copy the executable of the tool designed by GeoHot Common Files within the directory located within Program Files. More precisely, the paths to copy the executable Blackra1n depending on the version of operating system currently in use are:

Windows 32bit: C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleApple Application Support
Windows 64bit: 64 Bit – C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAppleApple Application Support

Once copied Blackra1n in the right path you can run it from there or create a desktop shortcut to solve the problem calmly and run the jailbreak.

130 Responses to Update error resolution with ASL.dll blackra1n

  1. stacky says:

    this isnt working for me!! please someone help im pulling my hair out now! iv downgraded itunes to 9.0 and that didnt work ive tried all the fixs here to no avvail! ill be devastated if i cant jailbreak again! im on 3gs 3.1.2 by the way and all my trouble started when i updated itunes to 9.1. thanks in advance…

  2. Phil says:

    Thanks for this, I shat my pants when I got that error

  3. Jael says:

    wow, thanks, this definitely fixed it.

  4. Trudet says:

    Rubbaaa duckeyy posted a better fix on a previous post. It works! Great

  5. francesco says:

    this is magic….brilliant solution!

  6. Sany says:

    Thanks a lot :) .. Worked for me! Big respect to authoer :) :)

  7. nathan says:

    so how do you fix it i dont understand

  8. DIESEL says:

    Thx … :X

  9. koppula says:

    i am using iphone 3GS 3.1.3 and how can i install jailbreak on my iphone ….
    please suggest


  10. Johnny says:

    Hey Stacky, just open the paths present up there and just copy paste your blackrain into there, then run it and it should work.

    AFter that just create a shortcut to it and put it on your desktop.

    Btw thanks alot, I was about to restore my itouch

  11. Yoshi says:

    thaaankkkkkkk youuuuuu, you do not belive me, iv been trying to find out what was the problem for 4 fraken daysssssssssssss!!!!!!!


    my ipod is jailbrokennnnnnnnnnn

  12. Mixy Mix says:

    Great stuff the way i could not turn my ipod on because of that little stunt they tried to pull but you guys hooked it up again thanks

  13. akcamperdude says:

    perfect! thank you sooooo much

  14. Gwapo says:

    thanks! works fine

  15. Roystan says:

    Thanks for your solution!!Problem settled

  16. Alto says:

    thx man, its working

  17. achalarka_07 says:

    thnx very much …

  18. Mark says:

    thankyou so much i was about to kill yself wiht all my games and save games on there and i was just about o click restore until i saw this post thankyou so much!!!

  19. Tyler says:

    This absolutely worked without a doubt! Thsi problem occured for me after having upgraded from Vista to Windows 7. When I connected the iPhone, it gave some message about having to restore it. Your choices were as either a new phone, or your old phone settings. Anyway, after using the above solution, I can confirm that not only does it work, but that all jailbroken settings were retained after such a backup.

  20. TJ says:

    Thanks for the solution…

  21. Bill says:


  22. charles says:

    Bacily what this is saying is copy one of the codes, go to my computer, paste it in the address bar, find the asl.dll click it, and open it with blackrain(youll have to fin it, ie.desktop,my documents etc.)

    hope this cleared it up

  23. chelsea says:

    this didn’t work for me. it says going into recovery mode on blackra1n, then stays at the screen where it says to plug into itunes… :(

  24. Shane S. says:

    THANKS SOOOOOO MUCH….. to everyone that in my situation, this is the best way to remove that error message….. i was all set to restore my ipod, till i saw this :) it is really easy and thanks once again…

  25. imran says:

    I don’t get it. Can you please tell me exactly how to do it(what should I copy and paste and where.?). You will be a great help…I am stuck with this since 2 weeks.

  26. jacob says:

    thanks alot, kept having trouble everytime and was quite frustrating. now lll i gotta figue out is why i keep get an unknown error (20) in itunes

  27. sept says:

    What About The MAC users? Many mac users out there are having the same problem! after i update the itunes to 9.1, blackra1n just stopped working! i run on Tiger

  28. Dany boy says:

    Oye muchas gracias por el post… fue de mucha ayuda.

  29. CARLA FIUZA says:

    Obrigada!!! (thanks!)

    from Brazil!!!!

  30. Maths says:

    thanks a lot.. this really help me.. i almost scared to death..

  31. Trent says:

    OMFG thanks so much ive been looking for a fix for a while. i just thought it was the new types of computers fuck yes LIFE SAVER!!!!!!!!!!!11

  32. Shaks says:

    Thanks. It worked for me.

  33. Gyan says:

    It worked like a charm… Thanks a ton…

  34. jon says:

    Thanks, i had to go and find the files and save them. Thank you!

  35. Mike says:

    Thank you so much!! was freakin out!!

  36. Simon says:

    Oh My Gosh… thank you so much, you do not know how long i took to find this. this should be published lol

  37. daniel says:

    could someone help me figure this out? im not sure where to put the path?

  38. tatu says:

    Thanks.. It works…

  39. MB says:

    Thanks a lot! Works for me!

  40. SA says:

    For me doesn’t work, i’ve win7(x64) and iTunes 9.1 (x64), i put blackra1n.exe in C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAppleApple Application Support, but an error appear;

    C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAppleApple Application Supporticuuc36.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try istalling…

    I copied the windowssystem32icuuc36.dll to blackra1n folder but the error still appear.

    Any help?
    Thanks !

  41. John says:

    Thank you very mach. Problem solved.

  42. Rob says:

    Thank you! Saved my life!

  43. exoR says:

    okay, so i extracted Blackra1n into the Apple Application Support folder, and it seems to start to work, but all it says is “running…” and it stays that way. What do I do???

  44. markcanz says:

    your the man! nice.. ive been looking for solution 10hrs already.. hehehe thanks dude!

  45. Joe says:

    Cheers, shit me up did that error, thanks alot for fix :)

  46. Juan says:

    Thanks a lot! Works for me!

  47. scott says:

    stays at running on my computer screen

  48. HAMEED says:

    thank you this was a great help,god bless u

  49. Smalley says:

    Sheer Genius! Now if only someone could work out a way to get Flash onto my iPhone :)

  50. Yin says:

    it is really useful, I appreciate it.

  51. ollie says:

    it says needs admisistrator permisson even though im am administrator…

  52. […] After solving the problem with blackra1n not found ASL.dll […]

  53. Joe Torre says:

    It worked perfectly :D thanks man :D

  54. quinny says:

    i did all it said to do and still it comes up with asl.dll file missing can someone please help me. my email is quinny31191@hotmail.co.uk TY

  55. filipe says:

    Não há um video a explicar como fazer

  56. chez says:

    excellent sorted out problem with ease thank you

  57. Patrick Chan says:

    thank alot is really work

  58. Fleur de Vie says:

    Thank you so very much! After hours, if not days of dealing with this problem I was able to solve it. Could not have done it with out you knowledge and the sharing of it.

  59. dallin says:

    thank you so much it worked like a charm :)

  60. Frankasaurous says:

    hey make sure when your doing this that you are using internet explorer then it will work

  61. Eugee says:

    Whewww!!!! I figured it out…. thank you, it works……..

  62. Angel says:

    funciona perfecto con w7 x64

  63. Deno says:

    Splendid… for the moment i thought i gonna hit the wall. Thanksfor the tips shared in this forum. Really appreciate it.

  64. Chris says:

    Worked!! Thank You!

  65. FXAD says:

    Thanks a lot, worked perfectly!

  66. blackra1n fan says:

    thnks so much!!!!!!!!! it helped me! THANKS AGAIN UR THE BESTEST OF THE BESTEST

  67. Hero says:

    It worked perfectly fine. Thanks :)

  68. The Techs Corp. says:

    another solution is to: just go to blackra1n website and instead of downloading the program just run it and it will work the only thing is you will need to be connected to the internet to do it.

  69. Briana says:

    Wait, I am still confused. Where and how do you enter this information at?

  70. eldominicano says:

    it work fine for me…just copy and paste to the directory..thats it..good looking out bro

  71. plunta says:

    I HATE APLE, they do this stuff on purpose. Anyways thanks for the guidans m8!

  72. mint says:


  73. ANAND says:

    thanku very much…

  74. student says:

    still confused –i dont know where to put the black ra1n

  75. Jared says:

    Thanks!! :)

  76. David says:

    Thanks man for all your work, your pretty darn good with computers, and electronics keep up the good work. Thanks Again.

  77. AndyO says:

    You should also be able to resolve this by adding the location C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleApple Application Support to your PATH environment variable. Right click My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables. In the bottom pane look for the entry called Path, select it, click Edit, then at the end just put in “;C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleApple Application Support”. Important to note that is a semicolon at the front as it uses semicolons as delimiters, and of course don’t put in the double quotes. If you’re using 64 bit Windows use the 64 bit path. You may need to restart windows.

  78. Kong says:

    This works well.. Thanks!!

  79. Samman says:

    it says needs admisistrator permisson even though im am administrator…

  80. Miladintjuh says:

    i copied the file to that directory, and i click let it rain,
    how long should it take?
    it says 30secs, i left my ipod in for 3 min. still doesnt work!
    please email me@ scouting_m@hotmail.com

  81. big c says:

    nice one worked

  82. waitlessc ayc says:

    To clarify for newbies: re-install the blackra1n.exe and select “Save” (not “Run), then click C: and then Program Files and then Common Files, etc., etc.

    Then go back to that “Apple Application Support” folder you saved it in and open it. When you run it this time it will work :)

  83. clubba says:

    Works like a charm !

  84. HCR420 says:

    asl thing worked like a charm!!Thanks

  85. Hallingsokken says:

    Thanks, problem solved :)

  86. michell says:

    ur the best pro ever i will love you forever after searching for like 6 hours i finally did it thnx so much u may fuck my wife :):):):):)

  87. Abid says:

    Thanks it is working

  88. Kalvin says:

    I did the same thing as you said but when i click on blackra1n to re-jaibreak cuz my battery ran out, i w8ed for like few mins it didnt work and it says thats the program isnt responding o_o

  89. Wilva says:

    Worked like a charm thanks dude!
    Now I can make my calls :)

  90. Anthony says:

    asl.dll is not found. where do i copy and paste the executable Blackra1n file to make it work???

  91. Aaron says:

    Ya I did everything as instructed but it says: ‘Cannot move black ra1n: Access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.’ What do I do?!?!?!????!?!

  92. Jesse says:

    ok i have a problem with blackra1n on windowx xp but no problem on vista what i get is that blackra1n memory could not be read, is there anyway to fix that?

  93. Dawn says:

    Ok I was able to get it done. Took me awhile because I am not that good with computers. But if I can do it anyone can.Unlocked without a problem. Thanks for all the advice!

  94. Mihovil says:

    Thanks, it realy work!!!


  95. Camden says:

    i need help i dont get it please help

  96. Rahul says:

    thanks alot

  97. david says:

    i have a iphone 3gs, the itunes logo comes on. in the past i have used blackra1n with no compliants, but right now i click o makeitra1n and gives me the ASL.dll error.. where do i need to go exactly to fix the problem.

  98. protoviper says:

    great job. your a legend!

  99. RyanDF says:


  100. HackBillionaire says:

    Thanks that was helpfull. but of late i Upgrade to 4.1 ios I use a 3Gs iPhone and My phone couldnt activate and I am in africa and We dont have an AT&T Service in Nigeria… I tried the phonebook card trick and it didnt work… I hope u can help me to at least bypass the emergency screen on my phone..


  101. Smokeyjobe says:

    Thank you for this very helpful information. My phone has been jailbreaked for nearly 8 months now, so I couldn’t work out why it suddenly wasn’t working for me. Adding the application to the folder you specified fixed the problems without any further delays. Thanks again.

  102. Te says:

    hey! My Blackrain app keep showing “waiting for device” status…. what should i do? It keep showing USB to iTunes screen… T.T need HELP!

    Thank you in advanced

  103. frederico says:

    i don’t have this folder on apple directory : Apple Application Support
    i’m stuck on waiting for device what should i do?

  104. Eddie says:

    Here is the exact location For windows Xp C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleApple Application Support . Just copy and past in your explorer search bar and it will open the correct directory folder and paste black ra1n in that folder.

    Good luck,
    Worked for me.. :)

  105. ayshaam says:

    why does this keep and coming up when i load black rain and can some 1 tell me step by step please thanks

  106. jackjack says:

    so it finaly let me download blackra1n and in all the times ive tried the picture of the dude never pops up it jus shows that i need to connect ipod to itunes recovery screen, then nothing. blackrain app never downloads. any tips? its very frustrating

  107. Obi Nkala says:

    worked smoothly. Thanks guys.

  108. trengy says:

    ok i don’t have the folder of apple application support on my computer but i have mobile device support. what do i do from here?

  109. ukbill says:

    Thanks so much – worked like a dream

  110. lucas61 says:

    ok i cant find the file to fix blackra1n my computer’s an hp pavilion with windows vista please help!!!!!

  111. lucas61 says:

    ive got blackra1n it just says blackra1n stoppted working and i cant find the apple files

  112. looser says:

    when its done, its says : done, just wait for reboot ..
    and on the ipod its just show me that i have to reconect it to itunes ..

  113. Jay says:

    THANK YOU !!!!!

  114. cubanboy says:

    its really good wooow it working

  115. cubanboy says:

    i need know know how use in my ipod for download everything free.. some one know plz let me know

  116. cubanboy says:

    ok ya lo estoy instalando ahora mi pregunta es como se usa una ves este en mi ipod para bajar todos los programas gratis… si saben dejenme saber .. gracias

  117. armando says:

    It Said Running For About 30 Min

  118. armando says:

    It Said Running For About 30 Min So i Quit, Can i Fix This

  119. Mattias says:

    It worked great!!! Thanks!

  120. Robert says:

    I cannot download blackra1n on my laptop, it says ASL.dll error, working on this for 6 hours please help, Robert

  121. jeli says:

    thank you!!!!!, i was trying to use this program like a year….

  122. Bhavesh says:

    Thanks………….perfectly works

  123. rafiki says:

    i bought a jail broken phone from UK which i upgraded to OS 4.2. Someone unlocked the phone but it went off after the battery was low. How can i reboot the phone. PLEASE HELP!!!

  124. kavin says:

    after entering recovery, It Said Running, then nothing happen & stuck @ running,how Can i Fix This….

  125. cale says:

    i have put blackra1n in the folder but it still says the same missing dll file. what else can i do? or what else can i use that will work on the original iphone?

  126. Billy says:


  127. mica says:

    I cannot find this folder anywhere! where can i get it!?? Someone pleeaassee help!!!!!!!

  128. Ivan says:

    I updated itunes went back to blackra1n saved it but i still cant run it. . . . . .help? :)

  129. JOHNREUBEN says:


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