Error icuuc36.dll with blackra1n

After solving the problem with blackra1n not found ASL.dll

This time we solve the error of another DLL (icuuc36.dll)

This problem, keeping in theme iPhone has plagued some users intent to
Blackra1n use to run the jailbreak your device.

The solution to this problem, as regards the implementation of Blackra1n is quite simple. It will simply copy the executable of the tool designed by GeoHot Common Files within the directory located within Program Files. More precisely, the paths to copy the executable Blackra1n depending on the version of operating system currently in use are:

Windows 32bit: C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleApple Application Support
Windows 64bit: 64 Bit – C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAppleApple Application Support

Once copied Blackra1n in the right path you can run it from there or create a desktop shortcut to solve the problem calmly and run the jailbreak.

9 Responses to Error icuuc36.dll with blackra1n

  1. ket says:

    Error Blackra1n ASL.dll is not found | Blackra1n

  2. YeJi says:

    I found icuuc40.dll in apple application support, but not icuuc36.dll

  3. ビンゴフォクシー says:

    I found icuuc40.dll in the directory, but not icuuc36.dll

  4. steve says:

    icuus40.dll is there but not icuus36.dll, can admin please address this im freaking the hell out. this is the 3rd error its given me!

  5. LiLJay says:

    спасибо большое вы очень помогли а то я устал качать dll файлы с инета!!

  6. abimael says:

    ok heres an easier way trust me just put blackra1n in the apple aplication support taskpane then click on it and it should work without havin to download all the .dll

  7. dIG says:

    @abimael thanks for the tip, I had recently DOWNGRADED from 4.1 back to 3.1.2 to fix baseband

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