blackra1n not download from unknown sites

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hello today i try to run Blackra1n and avg reported a Trojan horse Crypt. TDZ… i dont know if i did the rigth thing and added the blackra1n.exe file to the exceptions on my avg.

This is one of many messages came to me today.
There seems to be a fraudulent site that does Blackra1n.exe download with a trojan ..!

Remember to download the official site or these two links!

Download blackra1n for MAC

Download blackra1n for Windows

Thanks for your attention

2 Responses to blackra1n not download from unknown sites

  1. jhon says:

    hey is the website secure?? there is were i got mine??

  2. Diana says:

    Hello, I saw this message and this is exactly what has been happening to me lately. Except, on stupidity, I let my ipod touch die and, even after going through these steps, blackrain will still not download because of this error on my computer.

    Any suggestions?
    If this is really confusing just let me know and I can try to explain it better.

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