What is Tethered Jailbreak

Tethered Jailbreak:

A tethered jailbreak means that once your iPhone is successfully jailbroken with blackra1n, you’ll need to connect your iPhone to your computer and rerun blackra1n* if you ever need to reboot your iPhone or your iPhone loses battery charge.

What you’ll see when you reboot your iPhone (if you’re tethered) is the iTunes and USB picture. Once you get this, simply open up blackra1n and press “Make It Ra1n.” This WILL NOT re-jailbreak or restore your iPhone, all it is doing is booting back up your iPhone for you.

You will require a tethered jailbreak if you have the NEW bootrom version. The OLD iBoot version was 359.3 and the NEW version is iBoot 359.3.2. There are a few methods to check which iBoot version you have.


1. Put your iPhone into DFU Mode
2. Right Click on My Computer > Properties > Hardware (tab) > Device Manager
3. Select the plus arrow for “Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller”
4. Find “Apple Mobile Device USB Driver”, right click and select Properties
5. Go to “Details” and find “Device Instance ID”
6. Scroll through the string and you’ll eventually find the bootrom version (iBoot)
7. If it’s 359.3 you DO NOT require a tethered jailbreak. If it’s 359.3.2 you DO require a tethered jailbreak.


1. Put your iPhone into DFU Mode
2. Open “System Profiler” and go to Hardware > USB (menu on left)
3. At the top right under “USB Device Tree Panel” click “Apple Mobile Device (DFU Mode)”
4. In the upper right corner look for the information “string on the Serial Number.”
5. At the bottom you will find the description BootRom version (iBoot).
6. If it’s 359.3 you DO NOT require a tethered jailbreak. If it’s 359.3.2 you DO require a tethered jailbreak.

4 Responses to What is Tethered Jailbreak

  1. Exxtor says:

    It would be super awesome pwnz0r cool if a workaround for the tether issue was actually being worked on. *Too everyone who says “I never have to reboot my phone…” I want you foolz0rs to build me a battery that lasts forever :s

  2. Adzeman says:

    Hi I have an iPhone 3 g 16 gb and I don’t no wat happened but my is not tethered I jailbroke it with blackrain and I’m on 3.1.2 and when my battery gets wasted or I turn it off it turns on without anyprpbs !!!! I would like to just help ppl so u. An tur. It off without rejailbreaking qhich iz annoying if u don’t belevie me I’ll make a video so email me at adzcronulla@hotmail.com and I’ll make a utube vid and my utube user name is is adzcronulla. I hoped this helped ppl and I hope geohot can make an app that makes everyone elses iPhone the same as mine. Ohh and I’ll try and make a jail break that does all the things i said for the 3.1.2!!! Cya

  3. Sean says:

    I have a reboot problem with my iphone 3GS 32GB, some how it would not reboot after I tried to install WinterBoard from Cythia, then it boot to back to the USB and Itune. It shut off after I rerun blackra1n (it fail to reboot after rerun blackra1n) When I turn it on, it shows the apple and the USB and Itune recovery mode . Any help out there?, please! send me a message to langquenthoigian@yahoo.com

  4. Rafael says:

    OMG..i didn’t knew about it..

    3 months ago, my iphone run out of bat…i charge it but he never boot again..my dispaire lead me to restore it via itunes to 3.1.3…

    Got my iphone locked since then..

    I was able to downgrade to 3.1.2 and jailbrake, but cannot downgrade modem..so i have a simple iPod since then..

    Hope someone jailbrake 4.0 really soon..i miss my iphone :(

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