Here is the second guide for debugging blackra1n

Here is the guide that will allow you to unlock this terminal without running into the error that prevented the progress of the process after the entry into Recovery Mode.



iTunes 9.0.1

Firmware 3.1.2 installed on your device (downloadable from here or directly from iTunes)
Note: Once you reset the firmware you need to make a restart of the device to ensure the successful operation of Jailbreak the iPhone.


1. After downloading blackra1n, move the executable in the directory “C: /”.

2. Shut our iPhone 3G and make sure that the USB cable is attached to the device.

3. We initiate blackra1n and press the only button available “ra1n make it.

4. We turn on our iPhone via the Power button and wait until you start. In this passage might open several times iTunes: just close it only via the dedicated button.

5. We expect the successful entry of your iPhone in Recovery Mode (step strictly done by the program itself) and then, after the disappearance of the image that portrays GeoHot, we will be in a LockScreen with our iPhone jailbreakkato.

6. We go into “Settings> Wi-Fi” and insert the password (if any) of our Wi-Fi home network. We enter, therefore, in the new application installed, blackra1n. With a tap select the package “Cydia” and then the button on the top right “Install”. Done!

Finally you can enjoy the iPhone 3G unlocked, avoiding the annoying error on the Recovery Mode.

Alternative Help:

If the method just presented their works there, try to follow this exposed by Anna:

1. Connect the iPhone to your computer, close iTunes and click on “Make It Rain” by blackra1n.

2. When the iPhone crashes in recovery mode, and blackra1n remains in “running”, do not close BLACKRA1N and turn off the phone by clicking on Home + Power.

3. The program will tell you that the operation of Jailbreak has been completed but in reality it is not. At this point, then:

Close Blackra1n;
Re-open Blackra1n;
Click on the Make it Rain
Turn on your phone
The program should recognize the iPhone and completing the Jailbreak.

6 Responses to Here is the second guide for debugging blackra1n

  1. janki says:

    hello brothers
    i have iphone 32gs,i have unlocked it by blackrain,but i have a big problam,after jailbreak,when i shut down and again on the iphone,it every time go to recovery mode,then i
    have to again restor and jailbreak again,but i
    can used it if i donnt shut down iphone
    please help me and tell me after what time will
    program will lunch for recover this problam
    thanks a lot of
    take care

  2. Jac says:

    Super program quick and easy only flaw is everyone my iPhone dies or is shut off I get stuck in recovery mode and have to run blackra1n again – I hope you guys figure out a patch maybe to let the users switch between letting the device go into recovery mode or not so if the phone does need to be recovered then the user can switch it on other then that the recovery mode can’t be acessed? Just an idea keep up the great work!!

  3. tweetybird says:

    I took black ra1n off my i phone cuz i tho it was making it run slower but i figured out it wasnt the prob now that i try to reinstall it. it wont let me i tunes sent my phone n2 recovery mode whts the prob i wanna put it bak on.

  4. cody says:

    i downloaded the 3.1.2 firmware but it wont let me put it on my ipod wat else can i do

  5. Khan says:

    Hi Guys,
    i jailbreak my iphone 3g with blackrain it was easy and quick, i as really enjoying it but suddenly my iphone is crashed now, nothing is appearing on the screen what should i do? how can i recover the phone?
    help me out plzzzz

  6. jesse says:

    Every time i try to download an app of cydia or something it goes back into recovery mode and i have to restore and re-jailbreak it again, is there a way to prevent this

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