Jailbreak iPod Touch 3.1.2 with blackra1n, Resolution Problems

Given the large number of users and owners of an iPod Touch having problems due to the great little jailbreak blackra1n on this device with Apple, I decided to offer this post that will address a number of tricks to solve any problem. Good reading.

Many people have complained of many difficulties to use the software for blackra1n jailbreak Apple devices with firmware 3.1.2. Especially the owners of an iPod Touch 3G (the latest model out). Many of the incidents having to do with the fact that the release is essentially a jailbreak that is tethered to boot the iPod is required to connect to a computer and execution of software blackra1n. For those who are stuck at the white screen or fail to boot your iPod, you list a number of points to keep in mind during the process:

• Make sure you update your machine to version 3.1.2. In fact, this jailbreak is not for versions 3.0 or 3.1.

• Download purplera1n tool on the desktop. Some users have experienced difficulties or complained of problems with permissions with Windows Vista or 7. Should be sufficient to initiate enforcement action as Administrator.

• Make sure no other software is running during the jailbreak of the iPod, so as to avoid any kind of interference.

• If your device after a long time, do not start simultaneously press the power button and the Home and make a good restart. If you are prompted to connect to iTunes, something must have gone wrong and you go all the proceedings. I know that this is very frustrating, but for some people it worked after several attempts.

• Do not lose your data by doing the jailbreak. Only a restore of a firmware “clean” could wipe out your applications, but would still be able to restore it through a sync with iTunes.

• If you have a white screen turn off your iPod by holding down the Power and Home buttons for 10 seconds and again make the boot again.

• If iTunes continues to jump out, use the CTRL + ALT + DELETE (or DEL) to access the task manager and close all processes related to iTunes, including iTunesHelper.exe. This can cause interference with the proceedings.

• Oddly, do the procedure on different computers has worked for some users. So if you have the chance, try changing your PC.

Finally, consider the fact that blackra1n really works. There are many people with an iPod Touch 2G 8GB have completed the transaction the first time. It seems that when you first start Cydia there was some inconvenience, but everything was solved with a reboot of the iPod through buttons Power + Home.
Addition, George Hotz announced that there are some incompatibilities with some software blackra1n particular versions of the iPod Touch 8GB, both 2G 3G. The models in question are those that begin with MB or MC. For those of MC method would not work and then you should wait for a jailbreak method for ad hoc or revert to a previous version. blackra1n still works for models that begin with MB. To see if your iPod appartient class MB or MC you just follow this path: Settings -> General -> Information.

For other general problems to jailbreak iPhone and iPod touch with blackra1n
There are other guides blackra1n problems

20 Responses to Jailbreak iPod Touch 3.1.2 with blackra1n, Resolution Problems

  1. Woutschek says:

    Thanks man i finally now That THE jailbreak doesn’t work on my iPod touch 8gb 3G, it start with mc so i Will have to wait :(

  2. CrebiClever says:

    I did blackra1n jailbreak on my itouch 3g and my GPS doesn’t work.
    I read about pushfix on cydia.iphoneil.net and tried this issue, but didn’t find this there.

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  4. asdf says:


  5. nico says:

    I have an Ipod MC model and need to jailbreak….. can you help me???? blackra1n cann’t solved that….. thank you

  6. admin says:

    which firmware your iPod?

  7. nico says:

    My firmware is 3.1.3

  8. nick says:

    it erase all my stuff on my ipod my music app movies everything

  9. jayden says:

    i can’t open blackra1n on my computer, it tells me i do not have permission to use blackra1n what should i do

  10. goteck says:

    I have succefully Jailbroke my 3g itouch 8 gig with blackra1n. Everything works perfect thanks I have the MC model BTW

  11. Vinzgore says:

    I’ve succesfully Jailbroke my iPod Touch 3rd Gen with blackra1n.
    No issues. No problems.

  12. JG says:

    I had unlock and jailbroken my iphone 3G for many months everything was ok, my carrier is T-mobil, but 2 days ago I was updating G.O.C.C pro and the iphone just freez, I try everything reset, power down etc the only thing I got was the apple logo, so I restored, throught the itunes,I did not know about the 3.1.3 untill later, any way I downgraded it to 3.1.2 (7d11) firmware 5.12.01 and now I can’t make/receive calls,no text, everything else is ok, I installed the blackra1n it went ok but not callsssss so please any advice??? thank you 4 the help!

  13. celine says:

    I upgraded itunes and my ipod and my resolution is off and i can’t find a way to put it back the way it is supposed to be? It is difficult to move my screen to check, due to being such large fonts. Please help

  14. me says:

    i use blackra1n and it get stuck on the black screen then it says done wait for reboot. my ipod is 2g 3.1.2 please help me.

  15. Gabriel says:

    Is their a jailbreak for ipod touch with 3.1.3 yet??? I dont want to risk it until im sure :// Thanks.

  16. ricardocantu says:

    I jailbroke my ipod once,but lost the disks to download and reboot, need help on how to reboot, but dont have the original computer on where i did it, on the screen i just see the usb power cord and a cd that says i tunes? Just need help on how to fix the problems?

  17. user says:

    I upgraded firmware of my ipod to 4.0. While running jailbreak, it changed the resolution and now everything goes out of the ipod screen. I have tried resetting (power and home button). When it restarts, ipod resolution comes back to normal but only for 2 second and then it goes back to wide mode where i can not even unlock. I tried updrading ipod to version 4.1 but that fails with unknown error. Anyone facing similar problem?

  18. mat says:

    i used black rain on my ipod touch after d process i saw d drop. i just switched it up 2 reboot and now it is stock in recovery mode. what should i do

  19. marco says:

    Is there a way to jailbreak 3rd gen mc models?

  20. RY says:

    need help ipod touch 2nd gen after jailbreak to and erase all it boots up with the apple logo screen continuously non stop keep rebooting

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