blackra1n problems

blackra1n here is the solution to the problems with the Jailbreak iPhone 3G

Here is the guide that will allow you to unlock this terminal without running into the error that prevented the progress of the process after the entry into Recovery Mode.

iTunes 9.0.1
Firmware 3.1.2 installed on your device (downloadable from here or directly from iTunes)
Note: Once you reset the firmware you need to make a restart of the device to ensure the successful operation of Jailbreak the iPhone.

1. After downloading blackra1n, move the executable in the directory “C: /”.
2. Shut our iPhone 3G and make sure that the USB cable is attached to the device.

3. We initiate blackra1n and press the only button available “ra1n make it.
4. We turn on our iPhone via the Power button and wait until you start. In this passage might open several times iTunes: just close it only via the dedicated button.

5. We expect the successful entry of your iPhone in Recovery Mode (step strictly done by the program itself) and then, after the disappearance of the image that portrays GeoHot, we will be in a LockScreen with our iPhone jailbreakkato.

6. Wi-Fi “and insert the password (if any) of
Our Wi-Fi home network. “> We go into” Settings> Wi-Fi ”
and insert the password (if any) of our Wi-Fi home
network. We enter, therefore, in the new application
installed, blackra1n. With a tap select the package
“Cydia” and then the button on the top right “Install”.

14 Responses to blackra1n problems

  1. jojorge says:


  2. jojorge says:

    alguien me puede ayudar? el cydia empieza a instalarse pero no termina! :(

  3. Abrar says:

    blackra1n is blocked in my country.after jailbreaking my phone in my iphone i am not able to install cydia.plz help me.i get a message saying that “Please check Your internet connection”,but my internet connection is working fine.

  4. admin says:

    which model iPhone you? and firmware version?

  5. Nicholas says:

    I have a problem with jailbraking using blackra1n RC3, my iPhone is 3GS with version 3.1.2 (7D11) preinstalled, production week 27, modem firmware 05.11.07. When I hit “make it ra1n” my phone enters recovery mode then GeoHot photo appears but no spinning wheel shows up like I saw in all tutorial videos. After 10 seconds phone goes to lockscreen without rebooting. No raindrop app and I can’t find it using spotlight! I tried re-jailbreaking 30 times with all tutorials on the Internet but with no result. I am frustrated already and I don’t know what to do. Please help, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  6. admin says:

    1. Connect the iPhone to your computer, close iTunes and click on “Make It Rain” by blackra1n.
    2. When the iPhone crashes in recovery mode, and blackra1n remains in “running”, do not close BLACKRA1N and turn off the phone by clicking on Home + Power.
    3. The program will tell you that the operation of Jailbreak has been completed but in reality it is not. At this point, then:
    Close Blackra1n;
    Re-open Blackra1n;
    Click on the Make it Rain
    Turn on your phone
    The program should recognize the iPhone and completing the Jailbreak.

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  8. me says:

    2 admin,
    Hi, I have the same problems as Nicholas,
    I’ve performed exactly what you said but it still does’nt install blackra1n
    Please advise , I guess the blackra1n is supposed to be installed only once. or the Iphone protects itself from such sort of software?

  9. ram says:

    when i click on make it rain so my ipod screen turnes to black and i cant do any thing with it

    pleas help me

  10. pablo says:

    my iphone is lock

  11. when i am click make it rain it says that fail to open need asl.dll wat do i do?

  12. Mitchell says:

    When I try to download blackra1n on my computer to reboot my Itouch it says I need asl.dll what does that mean and how do I install blackra1n from there.

  13. lasha says:

    I have the same problem as kevin madrigaL, can someone tell me what to do ?

  14. Jerry says:

    I just added the fix all to cydia and now the screen says updating sources blank screen in the middle and downloading oackages at the bottom thee bar is the whole way across but it is just staying there good 30 min now. plz help

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