[blackra1n] Cydia crashing

For those that aren’t familiar with it, Cydia is the name of a third-party App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch. Many users jailbreak their device to get access to the apps and also to unlock or theme their device the way they want to. Our jailbreak page lists all the reasons people jailbreak. Today, Cydia started crashing due to some files in the ZodTTD repository and a lot of people started searching for “cydia crashing” on Google. Cydia crashing is the 4th most searched keyword right now on Google! To fix the Cydia crash, you can either SSH in to your device, and fix it or you can rejailbreak and follow the fix cydia crash guide here.

I’ve experienced Cydia crashing many times, and would recommend that you try the Rock app instead. Rock is a faster and better alternative to Cydia, and can be installed through blackra1n.

3 Responses to [blackra1n] Cydia crashing

  1. […] on Jan.04, 2010, under cydia It seems that in recent days, some accessory package and repo too, Cydia has had serious problems that cause errors during the refresh and continue […]

  2. thedude123 says:

    hi all please help me this won’t with iphone 3gs

  3. master_nightmare says:

    i hate rock because it seems to reboot my iPod every time in installs/uninstalls an app

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